Six million people in the United States are victims of stalkers each year. Tens of thousands are victims of attacks on college and healthcare campuses and on parking lots of business and industry. Shootings continue on the grounds and in buildings at educational complexes despite the lessons learned from incidents like the one at Virginia Tech in April 2007.

Actions of troubled individuals will never be eliminated but products from CALL24 can help innocent people from possibly becoming victims by:

  • Quickly and easily requesting help via Wireless Emergency Callboxes that give security responders an exact location plus display bright, flashing blue lights.

  • Giving security, police or authorities the ability to instantly notify students, faculties, administrative staff and visitors of a lockdown, a shooter, etc., via a family of ALERT products for the classroom, gymnasiums and arenas, outdoor areas, and warehouses.


Emergency or assistance communication units are a vital part of any serious security system


Call24 Wireless Callboxes have taken this idea and integrated it with key aspects of security by offering highly visible security units with communications, lighting and CCTV alarming capabilities.

CALL24 provides callbox protection without the costly trenching or boring required by most other systems. With CALL24 Wireless Callbox Systems, affordable parking and remote area protection is a reality for corporations, entertainment, golf courses, malls, parks, transit, college and hospital campuses.

CALL24 works with any two-way frequency and provides automatic location alarming, two-way voice, intercom and hands free listening to either dispatch or patrolling officers with portable or base radios. CALL24 technology facilitates faster, more informed physical responses.


Three highly visible, standard decal options are available (or decals can be provided with custom copy) on vandal-resistant high tensile enclosures.

  • Automatic location alarming

  • Two-way voice, intercom and hands-free listening to either dispatch base or mobile patrol officer radios

  • More cost effective and easy to install than land-line systems

  • Easy to deploy and relocate as your organization grows

  • Flexible supply power: 110-480 volts or solar

  • Programmed specifically for your needs

  • Highly visible reflective exterior with customized identification options


Unique Benefits of Call24

  • High-Powered Wireless
  • No Boring or Trenching Necessary
  • No Direct Line of Sight Issues
  • Licensed Frequencies 2-Way Radio Systems
  • No Recurring or Activation FeesQuick Installation


OfficeAlert product Spec sheet

ClassRoomAlert product Spec sheet


E-mailable Literature

  Print-Friendly Literature
S-Series Callbox Email S-Series Callbox Printable
BaseEncode Controller Email BaseEncode Controller Printable
CampusAlert Console Email CampusAlert Console Printable
OfficeAlert Email OfficeAlert Printable
Camera Alarming Panel Email Camera Alarming Panel Printable
ClassRoomAlert Email ClassRoomAlert Printable
OutdoorAlert Email OutdoorAlert Printable
WarehouseAlert PA Email WarehouseAlert PA Printable



Examples of Mounting for Callboxes:

AC Surface Mount Stanchion Solar Direct Burial Stanchion

Versatile Applications

   Existing Light Pole       Bus Stop Pole Parking Deck Column           Block Wall



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