Intercom Systems Provide Integrated Audio and Video Management of Door Access

Stop unwanted intruders at the front door by implementing an Aiphone video intercom system. Our video options provide the ability to see and speak with visitors before letting them in your school. Include classroom communication, bell scheduling, and paging for an entire campus, while also providing complete access control to multiple schools at the district level. Choose the best application for your needs by using the Select an Application menu to the right.


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IX Series: IP Video Intercom 

Aiphone IX Series Video Intercom IP Product family 

One system category that has truly blossomed with the IP revolution in electronic security devices is intercoms. Instead of simply providing only audio communications with the ability to release an electric strike, the latest intercom systems provide integrated audio and video management of door access.

The Aiphone IS Series IP Video Intercoms provide a wealth of benefits for your clients. Along with the basic intercom functions, remote stations can utilize audio/video door stations that provide pan/tilt/zoom movement. When a visitor presses the call button on the IS Series IP Video intercom station, both audio communications and video identification can be recorded for storage on the network and later reviewed if desired. 

Some of the other programmable features include time based call forwarding, emergency calls by individual station groups, timed announcements by group, paging, and the ability to have calls transferred to an outside phone line if the primary operator doesn’t pick up the call within a set time limit.

Because this intercom system is IP, many separate building systems can be managed by a single master user, eliminating costly guards in remote locations. Up to 32 remote stations can be included in a single local system, with a global maximum of 1024 stations.

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This new IP based system from Aiphone provides attractive benefits for your clients and can reduce their operating costs by eliminating guard positions, while using the NVT interfaces will make the installation quicker and less expensive, helping you sell your customers upgraded Video intercom systems.


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The IX Series integrates with Lenel® OnGuard® access control systems. Interact with IX Series events within the Lenel OnGuard interface. Some features controllable through OnGuard modules include:

Programmed Alerts
• Automatic intercom call-in to security following failed card swipe

Video + Audio Streaming
• Monitor activity at IX Series video stations on an OnGuard display

Intercom Station Status
• Perform system health checks and easily identify offl ine stations
• View which stations are idle, queued, or in communicat

Event logging
• Review station event history
• Review error logs


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