Wide area two way radio coverage Chicago through Milwaukee area




PassPort & LTR Two Way Radio Trunking System Radio Service

What is Wide Area Service?

Wide area 2-way radio service allows you to use your radios over the entire Chicago area. This is ideal for any business that wants to maintain two way radio contact with employees who are away from the office. Businesses who have a fleet of trucks, busses, Taxis or drivers that want to stay in quick contact with both mobile and portable radio users including your office dispatcher will benefit from our systems communication abilities.

Although cellular service covers a greater distance, Lakeland's Wide Area Radio System covers Chicago, the Suburbs, Milwaukee area and around into Valpo Indiana with mobile radio coverage to the most travelled areas. Cellular service which is illegal to use while driving most commercial trucks is not a pratical form of communication with the new laws,

Lakeland’s Mobile Radios on our Radio System are not illegal to use while driving. Our existing customers realize the value of cellular phones for select employees who require this function but for the rest Lakeland's radio service will keep your employees in touch, safe on the road and a much faster form of communicating when time is critical.



Is your company tired of:

  • The hassle of communicating with your crew one on one, over & over again?
  • Changing channels when you roam between towers on your 2-Way radios?
  • Your employees making unauthorized cellular or toll calls?
  • Employees having private conversations that you don't want them to have?

Don't know where to turn after Nextel shut down and the Sprint or Verizon doesn't work for you?

Chicago Milwaukee area wide area two way radio system video for LTR Passport trunking system Watch our video

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Our wide area system utilizes state of the art Motorola & Kenwood infrastructure controlled by Trident PassPort Technology. This system has many benefits beyond  traditional LTR wide area service.


With Cellular like Roaming (Auto Tower Hopping) No need to change sites yourself

Our Two-Way Radio Network works similar to cellular, you will be able to roam between our antenna towers with out having to change channels! Our Smart Network does the work for you. Just turn on your radio, you will be logged onto the Lakeland Network. The next thing you know your talking to your group from miles away!  

Meeting challenges, and Committed to your success

  • 2-Way Dispatch Service and Products for Less
  • Tri-State System Coverage, and growing
  • Advanced GPS Tracking capabilities
  • Multiple Data Messaging options
  • Automated Network Roaming
  • Private Call, Remote Dispatch & Encryprion
  • Group Conversations - AT NO EXTRA COST
  • 2-Way Radio ESN Security
  • Multiple Brand Name Wireless Products
  • Extended Warranties & Maintenance Programs
  • Local Authorized Dealer Network
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Years of experience in wireless communications
  • Great Low Communication Prices


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