RoIP RF Gateway - 2-Way Radio System Talk Group Link

Load the gateway software on any windows computer, plug in the the gateway to the USB port on the PC and then connect a repeater, base station or portable radio via a interface cable to the gateway and your done, you just setup all the hardware needed to get one channel or talk group in the cloud.

The setup of the gateway software on a pc is simple as well, you can have everything running in minutes provided you have all peices ready to go.  Enter the server's IP address and port number, create a talk group and enter your password and your live.

Repeat this hardware configuration for each channel or talk group you need to feed in to a TalkieSoft SoftRadio, one gateway is needed for each.  If you have many channels or talk groups to add we do have rack mount gateways with a on-board computers to save space in a 19" rack mount.




Our RF Gateway provides linking for any analog, digital, conventional or trunked radio system.

Features Include: 

  • USB to PC connection cable for single plug operation 
  • Solid state design, no moving parts
  • Single RJ45 jack to your radio (PTT, GND, TX AUDIO, RX AUDIO, COR/COS) 
  • Encapsulates and transports all existing two way radio signaling formats such as MDC1200, FleetSync, GE STAR, MSK, 2 tone, 5 tone, DTMF
  • Connect up to (4) RF Gateways via USB to a single computer for mulit-channel linking & crossband repeat and connectivity to TalkieSoft's SoftRadios loaded on any smartphone



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