Aviation and Aircraft Maintenance

Connect a SHUTTLE BUS fleet to the main and off site automobile car rental offices and to maintenance facilities.

Connect members of a SECURITY force with outside police, fire, FEMA and off-site supervisors.

LINK various AIRPORT LOCATIONS together for ground crew and field operations support.

Provide AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE personnel communication with the crew, main office and other airport crews for location of spare parts, etc.


Link ON-SITE CONSTRUCTION crews to the home office and to other crews at other sites.

FOREMEN can use portable radios, computers or PDA’s to connect with a jobsite that uses two-way radios.

CONSTRUCTION OFFICES can communicate with on-site or off-site field personnel using radios or computers (freeing up radios for field work).

Construction offices and foremen can talk with SUPPLIERS and SUB-CONTRACTORS.



CAMPUS SECURITY can interoperate with other campus systems and with local police, fire and ambulance officials.

STADIUM EVENT personnel can expand the range of two-way radios during large events, such as football games, graduation, etc.

SCHOOL BUSSES can talk back to their base in the event they go out of the normal range of operation, such as an away football game.

MAINTENANCE can communicate with off-site facilities such as the main warehouse or other schools.

They can also communicate with FIELD MAINTENANCE workers on-site and off-site.

School ADMINISTRATION such as the principal can communicate with maintenance workers, security, police and off-site offices.


Energy and Natural Resources

MINING OPERATIONS underground can talk through an Internet connection to radios and other devices above ground.

A NUCLEAR FACILITY with two-way radios can securely communicate with local police, fire, and regulatory officials for day-to-day and emergency needs.

GENERATION PLANTS can communicate with off-site suppliers, support, operations and maintenance workers.

Firefighters can better coordinate at the scene of a FOREST FIRE and can create a base station on the move.

TIMBER INDUSTRY, including loggers, can communicate back to their base station and among other forestry workers in the field – regardless of their distance from base operations or obstructions.

UTILITY workers can communicate directly from field locations like bucket trucks and manholes to dispatch, foremen, maintenance and other locations who might have other devices like cell phones, PDA’s and laptops.

Offshore OIL RIG workers can communicate among rigs and between rig and shore, supply vessel or emergency authorities.

ENERGY PRODUCTION personnel and pipeline workers can connect EXTREMELY REMOTE sites to base, headquarters and suppliers.


Financial Institutions

BANKS’ security forces can link to civil authorities and ARMORED CARS.

Link radio systems together in radio resistant places like BANK VAULTS.


First Responders

POLICE, FIRE, EMS and other first responders can unify their communications at the scene of an incident.

First responders can extend range for IN-BUILDING PENETRATION, such as communications into a prison or other fortified structure.

First responders can EXTEND RADIO COVERAGE out to a remote location such as a brush fire or water rescue scene.


Government Operations

Remote operations of the US marshals, FBI, Coast Guard, and TSA can connect to headquarters as well as other local, state or federal agencies.

PUBLIC SUPPORT and DISASTER RECOVERY operations can interoperate with one another and with first responders.

Officials can create temporary DISPATCH CONSOLES in emergencies.

Supervisors and managers can be anywhere in the world and DIRECT OPERATIONS using a network connected computer.


Hospitality and Gaming Industry

RESORT PROPERTIES can be linked for alerts to terrorism, thieves, etc.

HOTEL CHAIN operations, such as the shuttle bus from the airport, can be interconnected.

The FRONT DESK can communicate with hotel operations such as cleaning and maintenance.

The GAMING industry can better monitor players to ensure security and tie the security force together by expanding the range and capability of the radios.


Hospitals / Medical

AMBULANCE services can link to the hospital, fire, police, and doctor’s offices.

HOSPITALS can connect to remote locations, off-site facilities, mobile clinics, first responders, and to experts at other hospitals.

TELEMEDICINE devices can now enjoy instant on-demand communications with the doctors and technicians back at the hospital.

NURSING HOMES can connect with hospitals for emergencies and for transport of patients.

IN-HOME HEALTH CARE can now use voice interaction to better monitor and advise patients and respond to their requests for assistance directly from the networked medical device in use.

DOCTORS OFFICES can communicate with hospital for transport of patients.



BORDER PATROL can link various systems together, such as Coast Guard, National Guard, local police and fire, etc.

HELICOPTERS can link into ground and sea based operations using TalkieSoft, and vice versa.



MANUFACTURERS can manage factory production, coordination of suppliers, and efficiency of operations.

WAREHOUSES and similar DISTRIBUTION and COLLECTION POINTS can coordinate communications between different entities and within the facility itself.


Maritime Industry

MARITIME users, including fishing vessels and commercial operations, can communicate with on-shore facilities and with other vessels.

SEATOW uses TalkieSoft to communicate to and from vessels in distress and the COAST GUARD.


Mulitnational Organizations

MULTINATIONALCORPORATIONS can link various remote workforces around the world.

REMOTE LOCATIONS can be linked in the field with headquarters using a

SATELLITE PHONE as a modem for the two way radio system.

Connect REMOTE MONITORING devices to main monitoring facilities.



Stadium sporting events, concerts and other LARGE VENUES can overcome barriers to portable coverage experienced by concrete structure blockages and underground tunnels.

During large events users can link TEMPORARY VENUES together

EVENT SECURITY can talk with field security to protect VIP’s.


remote personnel, central locations and with support personal such as drivers.

GOLF COURSES can interconnect radio systems and extend coverage back to the clubhouse from all areas.

ZOO's can use TalkieSoft for unified communications.

NATIONAL PARK, FISH AND GAME, AND FORESTRY officials can coordinate communications among areas of wide operational needs.



WAIT STAFF can interoperate with kitchen and host station to coordinate orders and speed table turns.

LANGUAGE TRANSLATION can be used to promote more effective customer service.

DIRECT FOOD ORDERS can be placed by patrons at their tables, thus reducing restaurant wait staff headcount.



RETAIL OPERATIONS can monitor their inventory, using a tablet PC and can connect to home office, distribution centers, internal security and police, fire and EMS.

CAR DEALERS can coordinate activities around the lot with in-building or garage needs.

MALLS can use TalkieSoft for security personnel, remote parking garages, and other means of unifying communications.



Private SECURITY firms can ensure communication with employees and with local police, ambulance and governmental officials.

EVENT personnel can use TalkieSoft to coordinate stadium or similar security personnel with local officials for temporary events like concerts.

MOTORCADES and similar VIP events can coordinate communications on the fly, with easy set up and tear down capabilities.



TalkieSoft solutions can help connect busses, trains, taxis, limos and other TRANSPORTATION PERSONNEL to central dispatch and to other devices and locations.

SHUTTLE BUSSES can communicate with other busses and with the home location.

TOW TRUCK operators can communicate with other areas which are normally outside of range of the two way radio system.

AMBULANCE OPERATORS can expand range and interoperate with hospitals, police, fire and other officials.

TRUCKING FIRMS can communicate inter-terminal, with vendors and with offsite locations.

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