Vertex Standard Portable Radios

Reliability, ruggedness, and interoperability like never before. The VX-P820 series of Vertex Standard portables is ready to respond when you are, with a wide array of signaling capability, along with big audio, operator and system security measures, and PC programmability for quick deployment. Submersible to IP57 (VX-P820) IP68 (VX-P870) specifications, and built to U.S. MIL-STD specifications, the VX-P820/P870 Portables are your assurance of long-term reliability under the most difficult operating circumstances.

AES/DES encryption options now available!

Next on the horizon... OTAR !

Super-Compact Digital Portable Radio Series
All versions SUBMERSIBLE (IP57 - 3ft/3hours)
Intrinsically Safe ("IS") Versions also available


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The new VX-P820 series Portable Radios are Digital Standard P25 compliant and offer a wide range of features in several packages.

P-821 - 16 Channels / 1 Group / No Display
P-824 - 512 Channels / 32 Groups / 4 function keys / LCD Display
P-829 - 512 Channels / 32 Groups / 16 button keyboard / LCD / Field Programmable

  • 12 Character Dot matrix Display (P824 & P829 only)
  • VHF (134-174MHz) 5 Watts or UHF (450-512MHz or 380-450MHz) 5 Watts
  • Mixed Analog and/or Digital Operation by Channel
  • MIL-STD-810) C, D, E & F
  • Narrow and Wide band channel spacing (Analog mode)
  • P25 Digital with IMBE+2tm VOCODER
  • Analog features include CTCSS, DCS, DTMF ANI, 2-Tone (Mulit 2-tone decoding)
  • P25 features include NAC, TGID, Unit ID, Caller ID (LCD versions only)
  • Advanced Tx/Rx Battery Saver system
  • Scan, Priority Scan, Dual Watch, and Follow-me Scan
  • Mixed Mode Operation / Digital and Analog on same channel
  • Audible and Visual (LCD versions only) Signal Strength Indicators (RSSI)
  • Voice Compandor (Wide and narrow Band)
  • Emergency Features



The LCD-equipped version provides massive channel storage capability: up to 512 channels may be programmed into as many as 32 groups. A single radio may therefore be programmed with channel sets for a number of different jurisdictions or organizations, ensuring seamless interoperability. The VX-P820/P870 Series without the LCD can accommodate up to 16 channels in a single memory group.

CTCSS / DCS Encode and Decode
High-performance Encoder/Decoder circuits for both CTCSS and Digital Code Squelch are provided, for access to tone/code controlled systems. DCS is ideal for crowded RF environments, providing superior immunity from false opening of the squelch.

(optional FVP-25 required for DTMF Paging) Fleet and network operation are enhanced by the built-in DTMF ANI circuit.

2-Tone Encode and Multiple 2-Tone Decode
The VX-P820/P870 Series can transmit a 2-Tone paging call, and can receive 2-Tone calls using different tone combinations.

Rugged, Submersible Design
The VX-P820/P870 Series portables are housed in an ultra-rugged, impact-resistant case that is designed to exceed U.S. MILSTD 810C/D/E/F standards for shock, vibration, and driving rain; it also meets international waterproofing standard IP55
(water jets) and IP57 (submersion in water to a depth of 3 feet for up to 30 minutes).
For even more demanding environments, the VX-P870/P870 Series version meets IP68 specifications (submersion to 6 feet for
3 hours), and is available via special order.


Power Output: 5 W
The VX-P820/P870 Series provides up to five solid Watts of transmitter power, for extended communications range. For
more localized applications, the power output may be reduced to 2.5 W, 1 W, or 1/4 W, for enhanced battery life.

Wide / Narrow
(12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz programmable per channel)
When programming radios for use in different jurisdictions, the VX-P820/P870 Series portables may be set up, channel by channel, for use in 12.5 kHz, 20 kHz, or 25 kHz channel spacing environments. Deviation and bandwidth are automatically set according to the configuration you choose.

Built-in 5-Tone signaling
For advanced network or fleet operations, a 5-Tone Encoder-Decoder circuit is included in the VX-P820/P870 Series. An expensive option on many competing brands, this included feature enhances operation without impacting your budget.

Loud 700 mW Audio Output
Ideal for reception in noisy environments, high-powered audio of the VX-P820/P870 Series is coupled to a large internal speaker, assuring solid copy throughout difficult crowd control, fire, or sporting-event operations.

Speed Dial (16-key version only)
An easy-to-use DTMF Speed Dialer feature is included in the VX-P829/P879, for specialized selective calling, telephone interconnect, or other applications.

Voice Storage (Optional DVS-5 required)
The optional DVS-5 Digital Voice Storage Unit allows you to store and play back up to 120 seconds of incoming received audio, so you can archive an important incoming message.

Large LCD (Dot Matrix / 12 Characters +7 Segments / 3 Characters) (VX-829/824/879/874)
The large, easy-to-read display includes a 12-character dot matrix that provides a wealth of information about the operating channel, as well as various status icons. Illuminated using Vertex Standard’s renowned Omni-Glow™ back-lighting, the VX-P829/ P824/P879/P874’s LCD is clearly visible at night, with minimal degradation of your night vision.

7-Color LED for Incoming Call Alert
The front panel of the VX-P820/P870 Series includes an ultra-bright LED that can display up to seven different colors, with a variable flash pattern, to alert the operator when a 2-Tone or 5-Tone call has come in, and during Emergency mode operation.

To prevent interference to other users on busy channels, the Busy Channel Lock-Out (BCLO) and Busy Tone Lock-Out (BTLO) features prevent transmission by the portable if the channel is occupied. And the Time-Out Timer (TOT) feature will automatically cut of transmission if the programmed maximum transmit time is exceeded.

Remote Radio Stun / Kill / Revive (5-Tone)
To prevent use of the portable by an unauthorized operator (in case of theft, non-payment of subscription, etc.), a dispatch center can send a 5-Tone command to "Stun" (temporary disabling) or "Kill" (permanent disabling) a unit. If the "Stun" command has been sent, another 5-Tone "Revive" command may also be sent, re-enabling operation of the portable.

Encryption (Optional FVP-35/36 or FVP-25 required)
The FVP-35 and FVP-36 Encryption Units provide security for your important public safety and security communications.

A DTMF Paging function is also included in the FVP-25 module, for selective calling.




AES/DES Encryption Factory install option. AES/DES Encryption system for P25 Mobiles and Portables. Order Keyloader cables seperately.      

Dual Band Rx module. Adds UHF Rx to VHF radio. 450 MHz ~ 512 MHz


Dual Band Rx module. Adds UHF Rx to VHF radio. 380 MHz ~ 450 MHz


Dual Band Rx module. Adds VHF Rx to UHF radio. 135 MHz ~ 174 MHz




Used with 16 key P25 Portable radios to enable Field Programming. Radios must be programmed with F version of CE76 which allows assignment of various items available for Field Programming.

CT-108 PC programming cable (for use with the FIF-10 or FIF-10A USB Interface)      
CT-109 PC Programming kit (Contains a VPL-1 programming cable and adaptor for the new VX-820/920 portables)      
CT-110 Firmware writing cable (For use with the FIF-8)      
CT-115 Programming cable only (requires VPL-1)      
CT-116 Radio to Radio Programming Cable      

Keyloader adapter cable for VX-P820/870 & VX-P920/970 series P25 radios with encryption option. Requires CT-129 or Motorola TKN8531C.


Keyloader interface cable for KVL-3000+. Use with either CT-127 (for Portables) or CT-128 (for Mobiles) for programming encryption keys into radio.

FIF-10A FIF-10A USB Interface for PC programming. Check specific models for additional cable pigtails. Pigtails not included.



Public Safety Speaker Microphone w/toggle, MIL-STD Rated

MH-66A7A Submersible Noise Canceling Speaker Microphone
MH-66B7A Submersible Speaker Microphone with 2 Programmbale Function Keys and Audio Attenuator Switch.
  • 3000 mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • (VAC-UNI Charger)

2300 mAh Li-Ion battery

  • 7.4 V 3000 mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • Intrinsically Safe


Alkaline Battery Case (holds 6 AA batteries)

Multi-unit charger for UNI batteries

6-Unit rapid charger (non-UNI batteries)

Desktop rapid charger (non-UNI batteries)

Single-unit charger for UNI battery system

Vehicular Charger Mounting Adapter  for VAC-920 and  VAC-300




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